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UK albums pressings have only a very short production run. "Made In England" is printed on both sleeve and label.

• Catalogue Number : • Kxxxxx from 1979 to 1982.  

• From 1986 Parade to 1992 , number form is WXxx or WXxxx (plus a P for LP Picture Disc)



• Picture disc LP :





Note :

Purple Rain exists in purple or black vinyl.


12" Singles - see related gallerie

• Sleeves : • WEA "De-Luxe 12 Inche" sleeve from I Wanna Be Your Lover to 1980 Do It All Night.
  • Picture sleeve from 1980 Gotta Stop (Messin' About) to 1995 I Hate U.


• Catalogue Number : • KxxxxxT from 1979 to 1982 except Gotta Stop (Messin' About) (LV47).  

• After 1982, number form is WxxxxT plus :



1 - P for picture disc (as Sign "O" The Times W8399TP)
2 - W for poster (as Girls & Boys W8586TW)
3 - X for extented mix version (as Partyman W2814TX)
4 - E for extra/special pressing (as 10" Moutains W8711TE)


• Picture Disc : see related gallerie
U Got The Look
U Got The Look

W8289TP (1)



W0113TP (2)
My Name IS Princez
My Name Is Prince

W0132TP (3)

W0147TP (2)
(1) : With sticker on PVC sleeve
(2) : With insert
(3) : With insert and sticker on PVC sleeve



• Special pressing :

Little Red Corvette & Spiral calendar


Wish U Heaven - purple vinyl

Note : the following 12" exist with poster and sticker :
  Little Red Corvette Kiss Girls & Boys
  Purple Rain Mountains I Wish U Heaven
Note : Let's Go Crazy has a warning sticker.    


• Misspressing : First copies of Paisley Park contain 4 tracks instead the 3 listed on sleeve and labels. The error was later corrected but too late so that's why fewer three-tracks copies were produced than four-tracks.


7" Singles - see related gallerie

After several years collecting Prince records, I understand UK 7" are certainly the most complex items to index. For one single you can find maybe 10 or more different kinds of records. Not only because of special pressing as picture, double pack or poster bag but also for sleeve paper quality, sleeve notching ("dip" at the rear top of the sleeve) and labels type.

• Sleeves : • "WEA Single" sleeve for 3 first UK single.
  • Picture sleeve for others.
  • Different kind of picture sleeves can be found :
    1 - Paper sleeve with glossy finish  
    2 - Paper sleeve with matte finish  
    3 - Cardboard sleeve with glossy finish  
    4 - Cardboard sleeve with matte finish  


• Labels :

Two kinds of labels exist:
• Paper labels
• Vinyl labels

Vinyl label

• Catalogue Number : From 1979 to 1981 : K xxxxx (5 digits)
  From 1982 to 1992 : W xxxx (4 digits)
  The catalogue number may be different on sleeves and on labels :
    • Wxxxx or WxxxxP (picture disc) or WxxxxF (double pack) or Wxxxx W (poster bag) or Wxxxx E (collector pack) on sleeves.
    • Wxxxx only on labels.


• Picture Disc :
Purple Rain (Shaped Picture Disc)
Purple Rain

W9174P (1)
Paisley Park (Shaped Picture Disc)
Paisley Park

W9052P (1)
Kiss (Shaped Picture Disc)

W8751P (2)
Girls & Boys (Shaped Picture Disc)
Girls & Boys

W8586P (1)
Kiss (Shaped Picture Disc - 1988)
Kiss (1988)

W8751TP (1)
Sexy M.F. (Shaped Picture Disc)
Sexy M.F.

W0123P (3)
Controversy (Picture Disc)

W0215P (3)
Letitgo (Picture Disc)

W0260P (3)

(1) with sticker
(2) with plinth and sticker
(3) with insert
(4) with numbered insert



• Special pressing : • Double Pack :      

Little Red Corvette

W9688 + W9896

Gilrs & Boys

W8586F + SAM 304
  • Poster Bag :      
  • Others :      




• Misspressing : I found this record in a US "wreckastow". It has the right front sleeve but the back sleeve is the same as the UK 12". It comes with the US 7" inside.
Never see it again even on Ebay.


Promotional Releases
Promotional 12" - see related galerie


Promotional 7"

Most of them are stock copies with sticker :

Round sticker
Rectangular sticker

Some have special sleeve as :

Others have special labels as :



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