German Releases
Commercial Releases

All records are manufactured in Alsdorf (small town) plant of WEA (Warner-Elektra-Atlantic).
Vinyls pressed in Alsdorf are sold in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden.

• Belgium / Holland : From the Purple Rain album (after1983), vinyls sold in Holland and Belgium are coming from Alsdorf too (LPs, 12" and 7").
• France : From the Purple Rain album, LPs and 12" sold in France are made in Germany.
A french "Maxi 45t" ("45t" means "45 tours" = 45 rpm) sticker is just added on the german 12" sleeves.
So a german 12" pressing with "Maxi 45t" french sticker is considered as french pressing as there is not such a sticker on a "real" german pressing.
Only 7" are made in France until 7 in 1992. After this date 7" sold in France are comming from germany too.
• UK : Don't have enough info at this time.  
• Rest of Europe : Don't have enough info at this time.  


Albums / LP

• Catalogue Number : • From For You to Controversy : WB 56xxx
  • From 1999 to Batman including the 87 pressing of The Black Album : 92x xxx-1
  Graffiti Bridge : 7599-xxx-1
  • From to The Gold Expereince including the 94 pressing of The Black Album : 9362-xxxxx-1

• Sleeves : All LPs have picture sleeve.
There are some variations for each LP from For You to 1999 with different German/French price code and with or without bar code on back sleeve.
  I'm now working on complete catalogue of German LP.

• Stickers : There is special sticker on the following LPs :
  There is an "Extra Price" sticker existing in two versions :

• Insert : Some LP pressed after 1983 have the following promotional insert
  GE10.jpg (4010 octets)        


• Labels : On all German releases the word "GEMA"  (Gesellschaft für Musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte) is printed.
If "GEMA/BIEM" (BIEM Bureau International des Sociétés Gérant les Droits d'Enregistrement et de Reproduction Mécanique in Paris) is printed, that means the release is manufactured in Germany and sold in Germany and in the UK as well.
You can find differences on labels for the same LP with "GEMA", "GEMA/Biem", "GEMA/BIEM"  


• Colored LP :


• Special pressing :


12" Singles - see related gallerie

• Catalogue Number :  

• Sleeves : All are picture sleeves.
  Stickered sleeves :

• Labels :  

• Special pressings : With poster


7" Singles - see related gallerie

• Catalogue Number : From I Wanna Be Your Lover (WB 17 560) to Let's Work (WB 17 922) catalogue number is WB + 5 digits number.
  From 1999 (92.9896-7) to Batdance ( 922 924-7) catalogue number is 6 digits number plus "-7" (7 for 7 inches ?).
  From Partyman (7599-22814-7) to Letitgo (5439-18074-7) there is the bar code on labels and so the catalogue number is 4 digits + "-" + 5 digits + "-7"

• Sleeves : All are picture sleeves.
  Different back sleeves exist for :
  I Wanna Be Your Lover and Sexuality

Another source of confusion to determine the origin of German pressing is because it contains 3 sets of catalog numbers on back sleeve.

The UK number (W 8399), the German number 928 399-7) and the French price code (WE 171).

The UK pressing of the same single has the UK number with the german number underneath it.

The label code is 00392 for Warner Bros. Recors / Paisley Park Records / Wilbury Records.

• Labels : GEMA on all labels.

• Colored 7" :  

• Stickered sleeves :  

• Special pressings : Poster sleeve


Pomotional Releases


Albums / LP - see related gallerie

These promo LPs are strictly the same as the "stock" ones but come with promo sheet and some have a promo sticker on back sleeve.

• Catalogue Number : indentical to "stock" LPs

• Sleeves : indentical to "stock" LPs

• Labels : must be the first pressing type and can be considered as a reference for "stock" LPs.

12" Singles

No specific release in existance.

7" Singles - see related gallerie

These records are "stock" ones with promo info sheet and often the promo sticker on back sleeve :

• Catalogue Number : indentical to "stock" 7"

• Sleeves : indentical to "stock" 7"

• Labels : indentical to "stock" 7"


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